Business Performance Test

Is your business producing the results that you need it to?

Tick Yes or No to see how your business compares to best practice


 Add up your points:

Each Yes is worth 1 point so the total possible score is 24. 

0 to 8 – Help!  Your financial management machine is broken.  Without some serious attention your business will continue to flounder and you are at risk of falling over if things don’t change

8 to 14 – Ouch.  There is much to improve here if you ever aspire to running a strong and lucrative business

14 to 18 – On the way.  You are performing and you are seeing some good financial outcomes for your effort.  You still need some fine tuning though so keep at it

18 to 24 – Woohoo!  You are in control and if your bank isn’t loving you then there is a queue of banks out the door who will.  Keep up the good work

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